Booze At The Touch Of A Button

Bottles of beer displayed on tablet

Booze At The Touch Of A Button

You can get a ride through Uber/Lyft, you can get chinese takeout delivered and a bouquet for your significant other brought to their doorstep… but don’t forget that alcohol can be delivered too! With all the focus on food delivery, alcohol delivery seems to fall by the wayside.


Here are some reasons to skip going to the store and get your booze delivered:


  1. If you run out of alcohol, you can still keep entertaining your guests without taking time out of your night to drive to the store.
  2. You definitely don’t want to be operating a vehicle while impaired, for your safety and others – stay in the comfort of your home and keep enjoying your drinks!
  3. When buying a copious amount of alcohol, you often have to make 2-3 trips back to the car to carry all those heavy bottles.
  4. Liquor stores often close early. Save the stress of rushing through your day – the delivery companies have your back after the stores close.
  5. You know those long lines that seem to snake around the store every time a holiday comes around? The day before a long weekend or New Year Eve, it seems like everyone in town is grabbing alcohol. Now you can avoid the crowds!


dispatchNINJA can help you with your alcohol-related needs. We are currently partnering up with dispatchers across Canada to bring these services to you. We are offering a trial period for a limited time until May 31, 2018. If you are interested, please reach out to us at support@dispatchninja.com.

Drink responsibly!

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