David vs Goliath

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David vs Goliath

Everyone loves an underdog story – have you heard of David vs Goliath? It is arguably the most famous one about an underdog coming out on top. In this ancient tale, a small boy named David manages to beat a giant named Goliath.


In modern times now, it is usually used to depict a situation in which a small person or organization defeats a larger one in a surprising way. The two parties clash, with one party having an overwhelming advantage, usually in size or experience.


dispatchNINJA is a company that has a smaller footprint than some of the bigger dispatching software companies. However, what we lack in size, we make up for in heart. Our strength lies in empowering small businesses and providing them a simple and effective solution to fight against the bigger players.


Instead of using a platform created by all these big companies that target medium to larger sized businesses, we are offering something for the little guys. Big companies have software with a lot of fancy whistles and bells that come with an exorbitant cost. Sometimes, simplicity is key and often makes the largest impact. We want to help the smaller businesses in smaller towns have the power to fight against the big ones that are taking up the majority of the market share.


Because we are relaunching in small cities and markets, we are offering a limited time free trial. Please contact us if you are interested!

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