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Allow customers to track their orders online
Pull ETAs based on driver locations
Preschedule your orders for future delivery times
Allow restaurants to create their own orders
Create and send weekly driver schedules
Use Google Maps for routing and driver directions
Eliminate mobile data usage with driver apps
Accept public orders through your website
Customize the delivery process with order steps
Pull relevant reports for business insight
Manage deliveries for multiple regions
Maintain your branding (colors, logo etc.)
Enjoy a mobile-friendly website
See which of your drivers are on shift at any time
Enable audible notifications for new orders
Access your customer data for targeting
Use Google Maps for address verification
Track your orders and drivers on your dashboard
Customize your website with the simplest builder
Track your drivers’ locations in real time

All of that, and some extras to help you along the way.

Tutorial videos to help you learn

FAQs and user guide for quick help

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