Down With The Aggregators!

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Down With The Aggregators!

Aggregators are built on the traditional model for food delivery, offering access to multiple restaurants through a single online portal. By logging into a site or app, customers can compare menus, prices and reviews from peers. The aggregators collect a fixed margin of the order which is paid by the restaurant. Delivery companies such as Just Eat, Skip The Dishes, GrubHub and UberEats have achieved global scale. These aggregators have attracted significant investment, allowing them to advertise widely and build recognition for their brands quickly.


However, many of the restaurant aggregators have become greedy in a rush to capitalise on the value that they have created. They have pushed up commissions and also deny restaurants the access to customers’ information. They understand that this information (especially email addresses) are the key to driving returning business. These big players are only interested in numbers and the more restaurants they can sign on quickly, the better. They use the data collected from the customers to further market their own brand and/or other restaurants that have just signed on.


We want to empower smaller mom and pop restaurants with the tools to fight against these big aggregators. Although they can be useful in giving a restaurant new orders, they are not in providing repeat orders because the aggregators push their own agenda/branding. They are shutting down local delivery companies, one by one. It is extremely important to support local businesses during this time.


dispatchNINJA was created to allow local people and small businesses to have the same competitive edge as big companies with expensive software. With big players coming to small cities, small businesses may feel like they have no other choice than to follow in the steps of their neighbours. However, we are here to level the playing field and provide an affordable solution without charging crazy commission. We provide you with your own online ordering platform and link you with reliable drivers in each city. We are offering a free trial of our revolutionary software until May 31 – please contact us if you are interested!

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