Driver Visibility

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Of course it’s important to know where the customer is at all times, but knowing where your drivers are is equally as important. For dispatchers, the ability to track your drivers is key. Being able to see where they are at a glance and communicate with them is a feature that all dispatchers should use with their fleet.


Why is driver visibility so crucial? Read on…


    • Eliminate guesswork for the customer: During the delivery, customers will want to know where their driver is and when their order will arrive. A dashboard enables dispatchers to know all of this information and provide this to the customer instantly.
    • Ensure deliveries are made on time: This is especially important for restaurants, where hungry customers want their food hot. Every minute counts for food deliveries. An efficient workflow will enable dispatchers to solve any unruly situations quickly. For example, if a driver is running behind, the dispatcher can alert the customer and point the driver towards the fastest route to get there.
    • Simplifying multiple deliveries: Often times, there will be one driver that picks up deliveries from multiple locations. This opens up an avenue for complications as timing is very crucial here. For example, there may be two customers that live near each other but they want to order from two different restaurants. The dispatcher can oversee this whole process and ensure that the correct orders get delivered to the right addresses.
    • Measuring drivers’ distance: For some companies, drivers may be paid based on distance driven. Their kilometres may be tracked and they be paid for the distance they have driven. Without software, dispatchers have to rely on the honour system to do this. However, with centralized dispatching software, you can easily keep track of the distances travelled by all your drivers which eliminates errors and keeps everyone accountable.


dispatchNINJA is a delivery platform that allows dispatchers to do all of the above. It is available for any businesses that require delivery. We are currently offering a trial period for a limited time until May 31, 2018. If you are interested, please reach out to us at support@dispatchninja.com or give us a call at (844) 936-4652!

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