How To Decide What To Order

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How To Decide What To Order

So you’ve decided that you’re ordering in tonight, but you’re having a tough time choosing what you want to eat. There are so many places to choose from nowadays – we don’t blame you for not knowing what delicious restaurant to order from! We do have a few tips, however…


Choose a cuisine type


It’s overwhelming to choose a dish you want to eat without choosing the type of food you’re feeling first. Narrow your choices down by choosing a type of food – do you want Indian, Japanese, Breakfast or Fast Food? Use process of elimination to create a list of things that you want to try.

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Try something new


Take a gamble and order something you’ve never tried before. Trying a new dish may seem risky, but you can discover something you may actually love this way. Get out of your comfort zone and order that shiro wat you’ve always wondered about!


Look up reviews


There are so many resources online nowadays including food blogs, review sites, pictures on social media. You’re bound to see something that piques your interest. You can also check out review sites like Yelp or Zomato to see what others are saying. There is a plethora of food Instagram accounts that show the latest and greatest restaurants and they usually write a small blurb about dishes in the caption.


Ask your friends


Word of mouth is extremely strong. Ask your friends where they have ordered from recently and if they enjoyed their food. You can ask a coworker, roommate, significant other or your family. They’re bound to have a helpful suggestion and you can discover new restaurants this way!


Keep it simple


You’ve probably ordered delivery before, so you know what you like. Why not order your favourite dish again? We are all creatures of habit and we turn to what has worked for us before. Fall back on your favourite sushi bento box and relax!

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