How To Start Your Own Food Delivery Business (Part 1)

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How To Start Your Own Food Delivery Business (Part 1)

Are you looking for a new career path? Maybe you’re working 9-5 right now at a corporation and want a change of scenery. Or, maybe you’ve been out of work for a while and want to be your own boss. Starting a food delivery business is a viable option for those of you who want to try something new. We give you some tips to guide you on doing so – this might also help some of you who are already in the industry!


Starting a small business is no easy feat, but what makes food delivery such a great option?


There are many restaurants out there right now, with the majority of them facing a common issue: getting their food delivered hot and on time. Restaurants are opening up every single day and more consumers are turning to ordering food in instead of venturing out. It’s best to start off by doing research and how feasible it will be for you in your specific city. You may be serving a market need in your town or you might be competing with the big players that are already established. One thing is certain – restaurants find that the big companies are taking too much of their profits, charging high commission fees that cut into their bottom line.


Break down your costs and figure out if it makes sense economically. If you do your research right, it won’t take long before you become successful.


Restaurants in any given area have turned away from hiring their own drivers to using a third party’s fleet. This makes sense for them because they can just employ a driver whenever they need. Unlike the past, they don’t have to send their dishwasher out to do one-off deliveries or ask a random staff member. Another way restaurants do deliveries during their busy periods is to use a third party’s driver fleet when their orders are overflowing. As more and more consumers turn to online ordering, the demand for delivery increases.


It’s undeniable that competition is ever-present but that shouldn’t deter an ambitious and eager entrepreneur from stepping onto the scene. It’s no secret that people love to support small businesses. If you can offer a better rate than your competitors and know your city inside out, why not give it a try?


dispatchNINJA allows you to start your own small delivery business for less than $5 a day. We provide you with the software and tools to start and rapidly scale your business. Although it may just be yourself starting off, we can assist you so that you can quickly hire more help if needed. Not only that, once you have things rolling, you can have a bird’s eye view of your business while managing every aspect of it remotely. If you need help with this or have any questions, email us at support@dispatchninja.com or give us a call at (844) 936-4652!


Stay tuned for the next post to read more on how you can start your very own food delivery business.

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