It’s A Great Time To Be A Foodie!

Assorted vegetables (salad) in bowl w/chopsticks

It’s A Great Time To Be A Foodie!

If you haven’t checked out our previous blog post, we suggested some new cuisines that you may want to give a try next time you order delivery!


Every year there are new food trends and this year is no different. Here are a list of the foods that are in the spotlight right now:

Poke bowls: Last year was huge for poke bowls and they still remain a fan favourite among foodies. These bowls, originating from Hawaii, consist of raw, marinated fish cubes with a wide variety of veggies and toppings, and rice. One can consider it to be sushi in bowl form and remains popular because it is easily customizable and healthy, yet can be made quickly and taken on the go.



Bubble waffle: This is the latest global dessert trend that is hitting cities everywhere. Originating in Hong Kong, the bubble waffle is an egg-based waffle (also called “gai daan jai” or egglettes). The batter is cooked at a high heat with a special waffle iron with spherical indents. They are usually sold by street vendors. The “eggs” can easily be broken off for snacking. They can come in different flavours such as chocolate, matcha and sesame. Many places have started adding fresh fruit and ice cream to them as well.



Cheesecake on a stick: This sounds like the sort of food you would see at a fair and you’re right! It has been featured at exhibitions across the nation and was so popular that stores have been created because of it. No explanation needed – creamy new york style cheesecake is individually placed on sticks and chilled. They can be dipped in chocolate ganache and rolled in many different toppings including nuts, Nutella, coconut and more!




Plant-based eating: The plant-based diet is extremely popular right now and some people who are not vegetarians even practice “Meatless Mondays” which is a meat-free day. Faux foods such as faux meats and cheeses have dominated the market. Consumers understand some of the dangers in the news about animal-based protein and are making a conscious effort to eat less meat. There have been many restaurants popping up that focus on vegetarian food only – we love Doomie’s in Toronto that makes a vegan burger that tastes just like a Big Mac!


Have you tried any of these popular food trends? Stay tuned for Part 2!


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