Misconceptions About Online Ordering

Wor Wonton Soup (Pho)

Misconceptions About Online Ordering

The biggest misconception about ordering food is that it’s just limited to pizza and chinese food. It’s not! There is so much variety out there. Next time you’re ordering food, why don’t you give these a try?


Vietnamese food: The most popular food is pho, which is in its most simple form, a bowl of noodles topped with thinly sliced raw beef in beef broth. It is topped with fresh herbs, like cilantro and basil, and usually served with fresh bean sprouts, chili and lime. In Vietnam, it is usually served as a breakfast dish and is available anywhere. However, here in Canada, people eat it any time of day. It makes for a great hearty meal, especially on a cold day! Why not pair it with vietnamese spring rolls dipped in fish sauce or a coffee with condensed milk?



Portuguese: Churrasqueira chicken is delicious – also known as BBQ chicken. The best portuguese places use slow roasting techniques and charcoal grills to achieve perfectly cooked chicken. What gives this rotisserie chicken its addictive taste is a spice called piri piri which is a blend of chili, lemon and oil. It is usually served with Parisienne potatoes, rice pilaf with veggies and/or house salad. It also makes for great leftovers!



Breakfast: We love breakfast food and can eat it any time of day – it shouldn’t just be limited to the morning! We’re not talking about just cereal… we’re talking about omelettes, eggs benedict, steak and eggs, breakfast sausages, pancakes, waffles, smoked salmon, french toast, frittatas, home fries – you name it! It may feel a little wrong the first time you eat it for dinner.. But trust us, you won’t regret it!



Groceries: If you’re keen to try out some new recipes or want to know exactly what’s going in your food, or if you simply love cooking – why not get groceries delivered? Look up your favourite recipes online and start cooking without stepping foot outside your house. It’s great to discover your inner chef and become a better cook in the process! You may even learn some recipes that you can share with your family and friends.


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