Netflix and Pad Thai

Exclamation point on sign during storm

Netflix and Pad Thai

Mother Nature is unpredictable – recently Toronto was hit with an ice storm that had relentless freezing rain (in the middle of April!). As a result, people wanted to stay indoors to keep warm and didn’t venture out. During these times many people order delivery, especially from restaurants.


Be the Bad Weather Delivery Hero we all know you are. When it’s dangerous to drive people stay home and order in. It’s much simpler to call in to a restaurant or tap a few buttons on your smartphone to order your favourite Pad Thai and watch a movie on Netflix.


It’s extremely important to stay on your toes during these days where businesses will experience a higher volume of orders as people want to stay inside. This is where dispatching software comes into play – we can help you manage your deliveries easily and efficiently.


dispatchNINJA can help you view all your orders at once, including those that are pending, in progress and complete. You can schedule your drivers quickly according to their location and optimize their route. dispatchNINJA also allows you to see exactly where your drivers are at all times and ensure that they’re OK.


Using our dispatching software doesn’t mean you have to stay in town however, you can escape this cold weather and go to a tropical destination where you can #dispatchfromabeach!

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