Rising Gas Prices

Putting American money in gas tank

Many Canadians are feeling the burden of gas prices on their pocket. Every dollar counts, but does it ever feel like you’re just spending every dollar on fuel for your vehicle? All citizens can agree with that sentiment, especially delivery drivers.


Because delivery drivers have to drive for their job, they are in their car day in and day out. Although they do have to occasionally get out to pick up/drop off deliveries, most of their time is spent in the car. As you can imagine, travelling back and forth takes a toll on their vehicles! People who make their living on the road question how much longer they can afford to do their job. Those who drive trucks and bigger cars like SUVs will be paying a premium. Drivers are considered independent contractors and lose out because the costs come out of their own pockets.


Dispatchers who own their own business are balancing on a fine line. On one hand, they want to ensure they have enough money to pay the drivers that are working for them, but also ensure that the delivery service for clients is affordable enough. They worry that they may not be able to service customers by not being able to recruit drivers. Although small delivery companies can add gas surcharges (which hurts customers), the extra charges may be too minimal to help offset higher prices.


Tips are very helpful to delivery drivers who feel the burn of rising gas prices. The tip is where they make their money back. Delivery drivers also pay for wear and tear for their vehicles since they are on the road all the time. If you are receiving deliveries and feel like the person bringing them to you is doing a good job, let them know! They will appreciate it and makes their life that much easier.


These high prices for fuel are the new normal and will remain in place. Everyone is feeling the hit – business owners and consumers alike. It’s a harsh reality but something we must keep in mind for the future.

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