The Future of Drone Delivery

Drone delivering package

Drone delivery has garnered much interest among companies and consumers, and the retail industry is paving the way in adoption. Products delivered by drones are not commonplace yet but will be – very soon. Amazon and other tech giants are testing drone delivery services to better streamline their delivery services and provide consumers faster deliveries.

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What does the future have in store for drone delivery? BI Intelligence predicts that mass adoption of drone delivery will occur, but not until after 2020. We still have a few years because of technical issues, regulatory barriers and consumer acceptance. Drone technology is evolving but there is still research to be done before regulators approve drone delivery in residential areas. Furthermore, The US has some rules which require pilots to be able to see their drones while flying them, which makes it hard to test long distance commercial drone deliveries. Lastly, it may be difficult to convince consumers to accept the idea of receiving their packages by drones and that such a way would be safe.


There are pros and cons of drone delivery:




  1. Consumers would receive their packages faster. Although the technology is not currently that reliable, the future may bring deliveries that will eliminate human error.
  2. Consumers and companies could save money as they would eliminate shipping costs and deliveries by postal service employees
  3. People who have invested into company stock may see some savings as costs are cut


Now, for the cons…


  1. Those who deliver packages would have their jobs automated and could possibly lose their jobs
  2. Consumers’ privacy could become a thing of the past now that drones can use their built in camera and GPS to find personal homes


The delivery of products by drones is definitely a hot topic. However, in our current society today, the technology hasn’t been finalized as of yet. That’s why it’s imperative to use quality dispatching software and great drivers like we can provide you with! Give us a shout at support@dispatchninja.com or call us at 1 (844) 936-4652 for more information.

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