What is dispatchNINJA software and who is it for?

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What is dispatchNINJA software and who is it for?

dispatchNINJA is a diverse software that is beneficial to a range of businesses across different industries but how do you know if it’s suitable for your business? There are two main types of companies that dispatchNINJA can be used by: those offering any type of product that they want delivered to customers and dispatchers that offer delivery services. What makes dispatchNINJA’s software unique is that it connects these two types of businesses under a unified platform so that they can benefit from the delivery services that one side offers and the other requires.


How dispatchNINJA works for businesses seeking delivery


Whether your business is a pharmacy, restaurant, florist, liquor store, gift shop, or something entirely different, dispatchNINJA gives you the tools you require to get your product(s) delivered. The difference between dispatchNINJA and shipping couriers or food delivery services is that it enables you to manage and accept online deliveries through your own customized website and it connects you with a fleet of verified and dependable drivers in your area that can deliver your products. It includes a modern dashboard that gives you an overview of orders and deliveries, making it easy to track status and logistics. On vacation or away from your storefront? No problem! Seamless mobile functionality makes it possible to send orders to be dispatched directly from your phone.


It’s task management functionality enables you to keep your operations organized; it even offers detailed analytics and reporting to ensure that you have the information you need to make educated business decisions.


How dispatchNINJA works for dispatchers


For dispatching companies, dispatchNINJA functions as a complete dispatching suite offering essential features. Some of the most significant features include the ability to allow restaurants to create their own orders, driver scheduling, real-time driver location with GPS tracking, mobile accessibility, offline route-planning in driver apps (to eliminate the necessity for mobile data), audible notifications for new orders, customizable websites, and detailed business insights through dashboard and reporting.


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